The Genetics of ADHD

Almost 2000 studies into the genetics of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder have been published to date. These include family studies, twin studies, genome-wide genetic screening, and studies of specific genes. A 2005 review(1) found that genetics account for roughly 76% of the risk of developing ADHD. No one gene causes ADHD, but many genes influence … Continue reading The Genetics of ADHD

Advice for Super-Responders

Some very sensitive individuals with food chemical intolerance require a diet that is restricted beyond the level required by the failsafe elimination diet. This is particularly true of individuals who have severe/chronic symptoms, autism or autistic-like traits, and of those with chronic pain, fatigue syndromes, and underlying endocrine problems like untreated hypothyroidism. Before introducing further … Continue reading Advice for Super-Responders